October 12, 2017

3 Ways Care Workers Can Look After Themselves

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Being a care worker can be challenging. You’ll need to be able to adapt to the requirements of a variety of service users, fulfilling many different tasks on a daily basis, from domestic duties to more hands-on personal care.

It is precisely this diversity that can be both a challenge yet an exciting aspect of a career in homecare. Working in care services is an incredibly rewarding experience, giving you the chance to make a genuine difference to the lives of vulnerable people or those with complex medical disabilities.

But, you’ll need to stay healthy yourself – mentally and physically – in order to provide the highest level of care to your service users. So, how do you ensure you are still looking after yourself too?

Seek Support from Your Managers

In order to keep stress levels to a minimum, so that you can enjoy your career and provide the highest quality of care, it’s crucial that you work within a supportive environment. Building a strong rapport with your managers and regularly communicating with them can significantly ease any pressures of the job.

If you are struggling to complete duties or if problems arise with a particular service user, it’s important to talk to your manager about the situation. Sharing the problem can lead to a quicker resolution and will help you overcome obstacles, so that your day-to-day runs much more smoothly.

At CRG Homecare, we understand the challenges that can arise when working in homecare. When working with us, you’ll benefit from ongoing encouragement and regular catch-up calls or meetings with your manager, to make sure that you’re looking after yourself and that you have everything you need to support all of your service users.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Training When You Need It

As a care worker, you’ll be continually learning on the job. Each of your individual service users will have different needs, so their care plan will be person-centred and reflect their individual needs. People choose homecare for a multitude of reasons – they may seek help performing certain everyday duties and navigating around the home, or they may require more complex assistance with personal care and medication administration.

With this in mind, no two days are alike as a care worker. As your service users become more familiar with and reliant on your care, they may ask you to carry out additional duties. Likewise, as you take on new service users, you may find that you are faced with duties you have not yet practised or learned.

If you come across tasks that you are not confident performing because they are entirely new to you, it’s important to tell your manager so that you can be given the right training and support. Don’t be afraid to ask for additional training when you need it. Ongoing training is a vital part of any homecare role, because it ensures that you are up-to-date with best practices and legislation, meaning that you can deliver the best service and keep your service users safe.

At CRG Homecare, we provide ongoing support and training to all of our care workers. We’ll give you regular personal development reviews and opportunities to pursue qualifications throughout your course of employment, providing you with the chance to climb the career ladder as desired.

Share Your Experiences with Other Care Workers

As well as talking to your managers, it also helps to share your experiences with other care workers. When you enter a role in homecare, you’ll become part of a community of care workers. If you are faced with problems or complications, it’s important to remember that you are not alone.

The chances are, if you are struggling with a complicated service user, another care worker may have been in a similar situation. Or you may reach a tough moment whereby an elderly service user in your care begins declining in health. Therefore, talking to other care workers allows you to share ideas and give advice, so you can all support one another. You can also share your thoughts and air your feelings, which helps to provide emotional relief.

A Supportive Environment for Care Workers

At CRG Homecare we are dedicated to all of our care workers, ensuring that we provide a safe environment where care workers feel happy, motivated, and comfortable to speak up if they are struggling.

If you are interested in starting your journey along a homecare career path, contact our specialist recruitment team, or use our online job search to find your perfect next role.


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