July 27, 2020

Renee’s story

By Hannah West

At 86 years old, Renee had a stroke which turned her life upside down. She led a very active life but following her stroke she lost feeling in the left side of her body.

After weeks in hospital, Renee returned home and started to have care provided by CRG Homecare. Initially, Renee had two Care Assistants visit her four times a day to administer medication, help her wash and dress and assist with household chores.

Renee explained: “It was the most difficult time of my life. I had no feeling in my left side so I couldn’t do anything. My bedroom was moved downstairs.

“My carers looked after me and taught me how to use the left side of my body – I couldn’t even butter bread!”

Three years later, Renee is still living in her family home where she has lived for 63 years and grew up with her three brothers and two sisters. Renee is happy to be able to continue to live in her own home which is full of family photos, memories and lots of fridge magnets from her travels!

“I’ve been in this house all my life, so to be able to continue to live here makes me very happy. I wouldn’t like to live anywhere else; I have everything I need here,” Renee added.

CRG Homecare’s Care Assistants continue to visit Renee but now she has movement in the left side of her body, she doesn’t need as much support as she did when she was discharged form hospital.

“I still have carers visit me, but they don’t need to do as much for me as I have my independence back. The carers put the bins out, put the fire on and draw the curtains, these jobs might not be in their schedule, but they do them for me. They may be little things to other people but to me it makes a big difference.

“I am thankful to my carers, they have helped me get to where I am today. They pulled me through a very difficult stage of my life when I came home after having a stroke.

“They always ask me if I want a brew and if I need help with anything; now that goes and long, long way. They are all lovely and I look forward to them coming.”

Do you want to look after someone like Renee? Find out more about a career in care here.


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