July 27, 2020

Sylvia’s story

By Hannah West

6 years ago, Sylvia embarked on a new career and joined CRG Homecare as a Care Assistant to deliver care to residents at Mayfield’s Extra Care Scheme in Boston.

Since then Sylvia has thrived in her role and still loves every minute. She explained: “Being a carer means an awful lot to me. It gives you the chance to make a difference to your clients every morning.

“People matter; that’s somebody’s mum, somebody’s grandma, they’re not just a person, it’s not pay at the end of the week. Every time I enter a flat or see my client, I always imagine that they’re my mum or dad. I treat them like I would them, I talk to them like I would them and leave them like I would them.”

As part of her day-to-day schedule, Sylvia helps CRG Homecare’s service users by helping them get dressed, shower, prepare meals, clean, manage medication, provide social support and help with their shopping.

Sylvia commented: “As carers we do make a difference; sometimes we are the only visitors they get. There is a lot of job satisfaction, when you leave that person all nicely dressed, fed, and their hair done ready to face the day. It is a fantastic feeling – I love my job.”

One of Sylvia’s clients is Hannah who is 103 years old. Sylvia has built a trusting relationship with Hannah during the past 6 years. Sylvia allows Hannah to retain her independence and supports her with tasks that Hannah can’t do on her own.

Hannah is still very much independent; she makes herself breakfast and a drink, she chooses her clothes and gets them out ready for Sylvia to help dress her.

“I feel highly honoured to help Hannah. She is my eldest client and she is such an inspiration. Although I wash and dress her, Hannah does an awful lot herself; she’s still mopping her kitchen floor!

“Listening to her childhood stories and what she has done is amazing. I look at her and think that I want to be like that if I make it to 103!” Sylvia said.

Through the care CRG Homecare provides Hannah is able to live in her own home with her own belongings, in her own space, so she can do what she wants and lives how she wants to.

Sylvia makes a massive difference to all of her service users. One of her clients used to walk  a lot so Sylvia asked the Wellbeing Team if her client could have a gym membership.

Sylvia explained: “One of my service users goes to the gym at 68 and puts me to shame!! For most people it can be daunting going to the gym but for her she loves it. I like to inspire her to keep going to the gym and enjoy what she likes to do.

“Her mind set has changed by going to the gym. That’s what the Power of Care gives you. I can look back and say I helped her to be healthy – both mentally and physically. Sometimes you have to pass on motivation because sometimes our clients can get lonely.”

If you want to follow in Sylvia’s footsteps and make a difference in your community, visit our careers page.


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